Lands End

If you’re like me and you heard the words “Lands End”, you’d think “fancy clothes that I never buy”. But did you know that “Lands End” is actually a place to hike in SF? Well i didn’t until i stumbled upon it after a bridal shower for a friend that we had in Golden Gate Park. In between adventures of opening presents and adventures in the rush ticket line for Phantom of the Opera, me and some roommates decided to adventure to Lands End (not the clothing store).

2015-08-22 14.06.07    2015-08-22 13.40.08 2015-08-22 13.40.12       2015-08-22 13.47.40

Turns out, it’s a great hike for wheelies and friends alike and sports some great views of the Ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. The paved wheelchair accessible trail only goes a quarter of the total trail, so if you want to go further, bring a sherpa.2015-08-22 13.39.52

2015-08-22 13.39.38

I see you blue “Accessible Trail” (and the fuzzy reflection of my iPhone)

2015-08-22 13.39.41

This hike is easy. A typical grade is 4% and the worst it ever gets is 60%!!! (I wish I could capitalize numbers)

2015-08-22 14.31.54

2015-08-22 13.59.37

Look! A trail!

2015-08-22 14.32.05 HDR


Near the beginning of the hike you can take an alternate route down the cliffside where you end up at Sutro Baths which was built in 1894. They are interesting to explore if you are into historical Grecian aquatic hygiene or just want to romp around in water. I ended up staying at the top of the cliff to enjoy the sunset while the roommates romped.

2015-08-22 13.37.01

People bathed down there

If you’re interested in finding more information/history of this place, check out this link:

All in all, Lands End is a great place to go to spend an hour along the coast.

2015-08-22 14.05.38

Beware of curly hair + wind

2015-08-22 14.06.35

Discussing the Political Commentary of the graffiti to my left

2015-08-22 14.02.43

Bi-annual meeting of the glasses club #landsend2015

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