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My Achilles Heel

As my roommate can tell you, I have a weak spot for small children who speak foreign languages. I especially have a weakness for small children who speak French. What is it about a small child speaking such a pretentious language that makes me want to squeal?

I once told a coworker about my fascination towards foreign speaking children and how it would be sad to adopt a foreign child that would eventually lose its accent and adopt my American one. To which he responded, “So what you’re saying is, the longer they’re around you, the less cute they become.” Why yes, coworker. Any child who hangs out with me for too long is doomed!

Which now leads me to this photo montage of French children on ponies who speak French (both the children and the ponies).



These photos were taken at “Parc Georges Brassens” which was right across the street from the “Hotel Ibis” I stayed at in Paris.


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Happy Easter Weekend!

This weekend was Easter…and I decided to celebrate it by going to a Ukrainian Catholic Easter service on Saturday.

You know it’s going to be good and authentically Ukrainian when the van in the parking lot has the license plates “Borsch” on it.

iphone easter 080-edit

The service was about 3 hours long and was all in Ukrainian. Turns out….I don’t know Ukrainian. But one really cool thing that is unique to Ukrainian culture and Easter is that at the service, everyone brings a basket with a variety of food and goodies inside, and at the end of the service, the priest comes by with his swinging incense and blesses all the baskets. Really cool to witness.


Afterwards, there was a dance performance by the children in the congregation, all dressed up in authentic Ukrainian garb.

iphone easter 082-edit  iphone easter 085-edit iphone easter 086-edit


I have to say…that seeing small children all dressed up and speaking Ukrainian was one of the most adorable things I witnessed all weekend.

I guess, the point of this post is that….sometimes you don’t have to travel far to get a new cultural experience.


Happy Easter!

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