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Late Night Snacks

5-4-14 027


One of my favorite places eat after gallivanting around San Francisco is Bob’s Donut & Pastry shop. It is open 24 hours. For good reason. There is ALWAYS a line no matter what time of night I show up. But don’t be deterred by the line. It goes quickly. It also allows you time to stare at the freshly baked(?)/fried(?) donuts and pick what you want to stuff in your face.


bob's donuts 5-4-14 024 5-4-14 025

Don’t worry. They also sell milk.

Bob’s is also famous for theirĀ giant donuts that are the size of your head! I have yet to eat one or order one myself. But I have seen others order them in a drunken frenzy. They are the size of cakes. Hmmmm….my birthday is coming up. Perhaps I should indulge myself.

For my wheelie friends…access to the tables inside are a bit narrow (for anyone). But access to the ordering counter is very doable. I would suggest taking your goods to eat outside at the nearby bus stop….or just down the block.

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